the GOD RAM-7 class you've been asking for... (Modern Warfare Warzone)

26. sep. 2020
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the GOD RAM-7 class you've been asking for... (Modern Warfare Warzone)

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  • Not guy tfue

  • What’s his secondary

    ViciousメViciousメPred 4 dnevi
  • 0:05 is the loadout

    GTA 5 GRINDERGTA 5 GRINDERPred 18 dnevi
  • Need to get 10 kills to even be 10% of tfue lol

    jorge_elite246jorge_elite246Pred 19 dnevi
  • How does he run so fast😂

    100T MRDARK100T MRDARKPred mesecem
  • best ground loot era

    Akshay ThakoreAkshay ThakorePred mesecem
  • Stats a lower than my m13 build🤭

    dark matterdark matterPred mesecem
  • He should try the t pose reticle

    MichaelMichaelPred mesecem
  • 5:36

    Fletcher LewisFletcher LewisPred mesecem
  • i cant see half the people he shoots

    Shane CoxShane CoxPred mesecem
  • what's that song? I need It lol

    AJ BowieAJ BowiePred mesecem
  • This video came out on my birthday!!

    lil_memes_26lil_memes_26Pred mesecem
  • Thanks bro

    S1monS1monPred mesecem
  • It’s so good watching a video that was made at the time before cow and me collab and now you get 2 bursted by an aug and you can’t compete

    HYP3 YTHYP3 YTPred 2 meseci
    • they should’ve needed all tac rifles when the dmr was the problem

      jesusjesusPred 2 meseci
  • nice

    Bettina NeumannBettina NeumannPred 2 meseci
  • Camo?

    Patrick TrasvPatrick TrasvPred 2 meseci
  • Camo?

    Patrick TrasvPatrick TrasvPred 2 meseci
  • Mason and Turner!!

    Ken MatthewKen MatthewPred 3 meseci
  • So nice to see ppl not kill themselves after getting shot at like in gta or building a 5 star hotel like in fortnite

    xxXxXxXxXX killer XXxXxXxXxxxxXxXxXxXX killer XXxXxXxXxxPred 3 meseci
  • I’m piping off on one my games

    Misty FireworksMisty FireworksPred 3 meseci
  • RAM 7 CRACK 🥶🥶🔥🔥

    Miguel TovarMiguel TovarPred 3 meseci
  • Loll

    Mani AkramiMani AkramiPred 4 meseci
  • wish i was as good as tfue

  • Weed need more ram 7 class we will give. 2 mil + likes

    Trevor HullTrevor HullPred 4 meseci
  • You know what I got boring on fortnite I switched to warzone I’m good at everything except my aim literally it would be better if there wasn’t no recoil I also always die in places I don’t even look so like in my my back in my side and in my other side

    TTV DeadshooterTTV DeadshooterPred 4 meseci
  • Sikeeeeeeeee!

    Strixo2005Strixo2005Pred 4 meseci
  • can u show ur kar98 plz

    LapeZLapeZPred 4 meseci
  • I use the same loadout now, I grinded to get the same stuff

    Geovany RuizGeovany RuizPred 4 meseci
  • I just started Call of duty and I’m actually better than tfue 😂

    Omar DiabOmar DiabPred 5 meseci
    • do we care?

      Soap_-_Soap_-_Pred 5 meseci
  • T.nator

    Cameron nelsonCameron nelsonPred 5 meseci
  • Borra el juego

    David YañezDavid YañezPred 5 meseci
  • 0:07 6 accessoire /5

    Mito SalMito SalPred 5 meseci
  • The RAM-7 eats.

    IsabellaIsabellaPred 5 meseci
  • Do you feel I love you and all of your videos I don’t love you in a weird way but how do you get those guns because I’ve been trying to look for them for a long time now and I cannot find them

    L2Jordan 1L2Jordan 1Pred 5 meseci
  • What a calm intro

    secincsecincPred 5 meseci
  • it looks like your not even trying aka AIMBOT

    Chelsea DiciccoChelsea DiciccoPred 5 meseci
  • Tfue i love ur vids

    BoincBoincPred 5 meseci
  • I made this build but forgot to download Tfue.exe

    Bears KidBears KidPred 6 meseci
  • I am really happy you play cod now then gay night . Am I right ?

    SauuceySauuceyPred 6 meseci
  • I

    sinp3ezz_fire-_-sinp3ezz_fire-_-Pred 6 meseci
  • Are you still in Faze

    YT_Rey_ SFYT_Rey_ SFPred 6 meseci
  • I’m glad Tfue started playing warzone instead of Fortnite and now I enjoy watching him

    Cord LordCord LordPred 6 meseci
  • I understand you’re playing with Mouse and Key but you make the ram look like it his absolutely no recoil. Love the videos Tfue, keep slaying!!!

    Landon DerbyshireLandon DerbyshirePred 6 meseci
  • Tfue forgets to get Precision Airstrike Tries to go type in chat and forgets it’s a video

    T G MT G MPred 6 meseci
  • how do you run hella fast?

    Geovany RuizGeovany RuizPred 6 meseci
    • @yuotobe oh ok

      Geovany RuizGeovany RuizPred 6 meseci
    • He s on pc and have fov

      yuotobeyuotobePred 6 meseci
  • Finally someone realizes the vlk sight is op

    Kasper the ShepherdKasper the ShepherdPred 6 meseci
  • bro i wouldn’t be surprised if true was cracked on roblox at this point😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Thomas DancyThomas DancyPred 6 meseci
  • Imagine if he was in faze 😳

    SKD JTSSKD JTSPred 6 meseci
  • Why does tfue make these kids look so bad at this game

    Itz DarkzzItz DarkzzPred 6 meseci
  • why do people even contest tfue at superstore

    Not CrΛckΞdNot CrΛckΞdPred 6 meseci
  • do ppl not know the loadout by just looking at the gun?????

    DavidTheSlayerrrDavidTheSlayerrrPred 6 meseci
  • skskrayb gayiz 🥵💔

    مستر شو للالعابمستر شو للالعابPred 6 meseci
  • Tfue: Just chilling in cod 🌪 Me: Tfue cracked this game😅❤

    NINJA_04_ ZXNINJA_04_ ZXPred 6 meseci
  • Every game tfue plays he makes the game look soo easy

    Luiee V OfficialLuiee V OfficialPred 6 meseci
  • How does he go so fast

    Justin MoserJustin MoserPred 6 meseci
  • how thats possible my kill record is 8

    Markus MõttusMarkus MõttusPred 6 meseci
  • Just show us the loudout instead of 20 kinutengameplay

    h Broodjeh BroodjePred 6 meseci
  • No fmj?

    Daddy PhantomDaddy PhantomPred 6 meseci
  • 5:20 they straight up fried that guy

    Ian CuspineraIan CuspineraPred 6 meseci
  • We need a holger-26 class setup

    mazi jamesmazi jamesPred 6 meseci
  • Still nothin beats the kilo

    Suzanne PockSuzanne PockPred 6 meseci
  • The ram class is cracked

    Andrew YauAndrew YauPred 7 meseci
  • Banda lo admito, me gusta tfue😔🥵

    Dilan GarcíaDilan GarcíaPred 7 meseci
  • what's your ping bro??? Iranian play with 120 or160 ping and 15 %packet lose :)

    ahmad davoodahmad davoodPred 7 meseci
  • Look at 2:30 wtf I ned 10 seconds to open that box and he 0.5 sec holy shit are you hackers??

    Bani AlbanBani AlbanPred 7 meseci
  • you cheatin ??????????//

    Wyatt PruittWyatt PruittPred 7 meseci
  • Logs in my ps4 thinking im tfue to be the first mf dead in the lobby 💀

    Jacob BustamanteJacob BustamantePred 7 meseci
  • I watch his videos and think I can do that. 20mins later I'm starting my 6th game. No kills.

    trekker bobtrekker bobPred 7 meseci
  • Can we all take a moment to look at the views nd think abt juice 🙁

    ItzDragxnItzDragxnPred 7 meseci
    • Damn nvm it said 999k views guess I was the 1M 😔

      ItzDragxnItzDragxnPred 7 meseci
  • What his reticle?

    Aydan RodriguezAydan RodriguezPred 7 meseci
  • What gun is the ram 7?

    NachoNachoPred 7 meseci
  • only using shotgunt

    Asessino-NINJA Asessino-NINJAAsessino-NINJA Asessino-NINJAPred 7 meseci
  • I love tfue just domanates people

    Sebastian Lopez .-.Sebastian Lopez .-.Pred 7 meseci
  • What gun camo is that on your ram

    WonderWonderPred 7 meseci
  • Lmao one of the guys sounded like lil pump

    Juan JuarezJuan JuarezPred 7 meseci
  • It is easy. WITH THE RAM

    PTPTPred 7 meseci
  • What secondary shotgun is that?

    FlobsFlobsPred 7 meseci
  • Dropped the Ram 7, mounths ago, then seing tfue picking it up. Ahh shit here we go again Ram :D Tfue you are Dope man :D i am defo gonna get better and get to Streaming games and play with you someday :D

    Benas INFOBenas INFOPred 7 meseci
    • Good luck bro

      jamez 066jamez 066Pred 7 meseci
  • WTF they fight among themselves to see who does the most kills

    Rodolfo MessiRodolfo MessiPred 7 meseci
  • Le copiaste al soki chaballlllllllllll sos un maquina pero tambien un flipadp

    Epikrick_ DemonEpikrick_ DemonPred 7 meseci
  • He the goat

    ScoutsterScoutsterPred 7 meseci

    TazzlohTazzlohPred 7 meseci
  • Tfue

    Hayden Macias (Student)Hayden Macias (Student)Pred 7 meseci
  • Yo thx true this ram is nice

    Hayden Macias (Student)Hayden Macias (Student)Pred 7 meseci
  • Which gaming mouse is he using?

    Adnan AfzalAdnan AfzalPred 7 meseci
  • Used this set up and it has awkward recoil still his doesnt bounce...

    LittleKidTacticsLittleKidTacticsPred 7 meseci
  • hacete un server de discord o que

    Juan Pablo Miranda AcostaJuan Pablo Miranda AcostaPred 7 meseci
  • You buy a good gun then you get rewarded with no recoil You put the same attachments on a regular gun there’s more recoil. No one ever makes this claim but I almost am certain of it.

    TheGrim 1TheGrim 1Pred 7 meseci
    • I am new to this so I could definitely accept being wrong but something is off with pc players having no recoil that I know is true in cases where they exploit the game with hacks.I guarantee that every match has someone that sees through walls too I also noticed that 😒

      TheGrim 1TheGrim 1Pred 7 meseci
  • Tfue be drivin at the ritz car

    KobeKobePred 7 meseci
  • In the barrel is the 2 or the 3

    Game BoyGame BoyPred 8 meseci
  • Pls play cod mobile

    ikoma.ikoma.Pred 8 meseci
  • Vlk attachment?

    Jay999Jay999Pred 8 meseci
  • This dudes a monster

    Police_the_rogue_policePolice_the_rogue_policePred 8 meseci
  • What’s the song at the very beginning :(((

    Brooks9Brooks9Pred 8 meseci
    • Ain't Foolin' (feat. Vedebe)

      yo renzoyo renzoPred 7 meseci
  • What was his secondary wepln

    Zrase CLOTICZrase CLOTICPred 8 meseci
    • Wepon

      Zrase CLOTICZrase CLOTICPred 8 meseci
  • No stock provides a better sprint to fire improvement than Stippled.

    Frank SilvaFrank SilvaPred 8 meseci
  • Nice tfue

    Yefer JetYefer JetPred 8 meseci
  • Fake you

    F2k AmineF2k AminePred 8 meseci
  • He cheats

    Ben BrownBen BrownPred 8 meseci
  • What id you used a tactical foregrip to replace the commando foregrip??? The control becomes better