i returned to WARZONE and sniped EVERYONE... 🎯

30. apr. 2021
891 771 Ogledi

i returned to WARZONE and sniped EVERYONE... 🎯
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  • Broh ur the vest

    Naruto ShakraNaruto ShakraPred 10 urami
  • Gun class????

    Tu MadreTu MadrePred 6 dnevi
  • What sniper is this?????

    Shaquon WhiteShaquon WhitePred 8 dnevi
  • Remember when mrbeast came to tfues house and gave him money through the window per kill! Those were the good days!

    Thirsty FoxThirsty FoxPred 9 dnevi
  • Good skills woth no charisma = boring to watch

    biological Healthbiological HealthPred 13 dnevi
  • All thanks to *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he got mine unbanned He is very good..

    Audu TimothyAudu TimothyPred 17 dnevi
  • All thanks to *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he got mine unbanned He is very good..

    Audu TimothyAudu TimothyPred 17 dnevi
  • Please more warzone

    R SR SPred 21 dnevom
  • Come back with fortnite

    BrunnoBrunnoPred 21 dnevom
    • No

      dank darkdank darkPred 18 dnevi
  • Lol just so u realize nobody watches ur warzone

    epic xdepic xdPred 22 dnevi
  • The way you know where every one is is kinda Wierd

    Jamie MaherJamie MaherPred 22 dnevi
  • "you are getting killed by a Minecraft speedrunner!"😂

    Otto DarnellOtto DarnellPred 23 dnevi
  • yUp, Warzone lobbies are perfectly balanced

    Stephen FullerStephen FullerPred 23 dnevi

    ____Pred 24 dnevi
  • Can’t deny that ur excellent but I wish I had lobby’s like this. My lobbies are so damn sweaty

    Daniel BassDaniel BassPred 24 dnevi
  • Like yeah you’re sick at the game but, why so arrogant ?

    Tyler RobertsTyler RobertsPred 24 dnevi
  • Speed video 0.5 ok? Now, from (0:10)...😏😂😂😂

    PolPolPred 24 dnevi

    Waylon DickinsonWaylon DickinsonPred 26 dnevi
  • its literally like their faces just exist to catch his bullets lmao

    MustardMeatMustardMeatPred 29 dnevi
  • Thank God I don’t play Warzone. This Champ would be literally everywhere around your screen

    𝘬𝓲ᦔ𝘴ꪶꪶꪶꪶꪶꪮꪮᧁ𝘬𝓲ᦔ𝘴ꪶꪶꪶꪶꪶꪮꪮᧁPred 29 dnevi
  • You need a doc

    A.a.g.A.a.g.Pred 29 dnevi
  • Very good player But no respect for Others !!👎👎

    Alin-Mihai StanciuAlin-Mihai StanciuPred 29 dnevi
  • i think you got walls bro, some shit you be doing just looks sus

    Jordan EastJordan EastPred 29 dnevi
  • I love watching tfue Bc he gives hope for all keyboard mouse players in an aim-assist world. Keep up the sick shit, dude

    Joe LopezJoe LopezPred mesecem
  • TFUE= gameplay insane

    Abdoul Aziz DialloAbdoul Aziz DialloPred mesecem
  • What did i just watch

    Iyed JlassiIyed JlassiPred mesecem
  • 4:33 xD how can he not laugh and still keep killing people while listening to that xDDD

    Aryan KumarAryan KumarPred mesecem

    MigsfigsMigsfigsPred mesecem
  • Sheeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhh Can we get sheeessshhhhhhh going boizzz😭

    C.O.D warzone SEASON 3C.O.D warzone SEASON 3Pred mesecem
  • Misses 1 snipe shot Wat! Misses another snipe shot wattttttt!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    C.O.D warzone SEASON 3C.O.D warzone SEASON 3Pred mesecem
  • what kind of noobs is he playing againsy

    Hessel BleekerHessel BleekerPred mesecem
  • He did it exactly how I wanted 😍🤩 thanks to *dcc_crack* on Instagram no one can do better than that. In just 35 minutes.

  • He did it exactly how I wanted 😍🤩 thanks to *dcc_crack* on Instagram no one can do better than that. In just 35 minutes.

  • Hey bro I'm new and i m already turning in to yo fan! But I won't watch your channel all the time cuz I also like sis vs bro and fgteev and pls don't be made bro I just like a lot of other vids and stuff

    Alice SchwalenbergAlice SchwalenbergPred mesecem
    • Who agrees with my do not cuss comment?

      Alice SchwalenbergAlice SchwalenbergPred mesecem
    • By the do NOT CUSS

      Alice SchwalenbergAlice SchwalenbergPred mesecem
  • I need Tfue

    Fortnite ProFortnite ProPred mesecem
  • Why not snipe the last guy though not trying to hate but like damn u do this for a living talk shit about your sniping skills then don’t finish it?? Soft

    Hayden MaurerHayden MaurerPred mesecem
  • 幹 我沒下載

    001 gta001 gtaPred mesecem
  • Hack

    Jimmy ZunigaJimmy ZunigaPred mesecem
  • Crazy

    ZUDUZUDUPred mesecem
  • kar anf ffar class ?????

    Aysun AydinAysun AydinPred mesecem
  • This Game Looks Easy But...

    FocuS!FocuS!Pred mesecem
  • Algun dia entendere los comentarios👌

    Piero José Aoueiss FPiero José Aoueiss FPred mesecem
  • Good + having a good remote. Or keyboard idk if it matters

    Eric BergstromEric BergstromPred mesecem
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Dude, Warzone is the Best

    Arc SickoArc SickoPred mesecem
  • What weapon is he using?

    Bruno Darko Porrez AcháBruno Darko Porrez AcháPred mesecem
  • Come back to fornite bro

    UnTalSechuUnTalSechuPred mesecem
  • Alguien más cree que le toco una lobby de bots skdxkckf es irreal que se muevan tan mal

    Jotah LgzJotah LgzPred mesecem
  • Fucking headshot king

    Vershaad MorrisVershaad MorrisPred mesecem
  • When you want to play a normal round and Tfue is in your round ufff

    GiaKingYT1234GiaKingYT1234Pred mesecem
  • Anyone know the sniper class?

    Simon RazberrySimon RazberryPred mesecem
  • WELCOME BACK. ..don't do that again bro. You are insanely satisfying to watch play this

    dudeimgeorgedudeimgeorgePred mesecem
  • the title is such a mood

    XScorpion ✔XScorpion ✔Pred mesecem
  • You got shit on by a minecraft speed runner lol

    Mohamad MJTMohamad MJTPred mesecem
  • Damn 😂 No Its fuking hospital brhh

    ShehanShehanPred mesecem

    George RamosGeorge RamosPred mesecem
  • Imagine tfue play with zlaner

    ali noomeneali noomenePred mesecem

    GThreeGThreePred mesecem
  • tfue , just play warzone only and stop with other games bro

  • No lie tfue kinda falling off like spencer they both was hard asf 3 years ago

    mashamashaPred mesecem
  • true try playing Valorant

    The BloodssThe BloodssPred mesecem
  • Can you go back to fortnite and knock clix off the platform lol 😂 jk but it would be dope to see you get back into some fortnite.

    Josh ReactionsJosh ReactionsPred mesecem
  • Tfue u can’t do that to me 😂

    Dark ClipxDark ClipxPred mesecem
  • de locosss este man!!!!!!

    GanjaboyGanjaboyPred mesecem
  • Forgot tfue existed for a second 💀

    Rust ChroniclesRust ChroniclesPred mesecem
  • Tfue is just to good you know lol

    Aiden GarciaAiden GarciaPred mesecem
  • Disgusting

    Thomas LivesayThomas LivesayPred mesecem
  • I am your fathee

    Mohama amin ShafizadehMohama amin ShafizadehPred mesecem
  • Put this guy in FaZe. Oh shit

    JaycupJaycupPred mesecem
  • What’s the class of the ffar?

    Afghanischer OpaAfghanischer OpaPred mesecem
  • Alch estás enfermo

    El CheEl ChePred mesecem
  • streamers are deceitful , streamsnipers feeding them kills ,advantage from better gaming equipment and not to mention their hacks that many deny.

    ayi papelayi papelPred mesecem
  • من طرف دركالو

    وناووناوPred mesecem
  • NA lobbys..

    FußballMafiaEAFußballMafiaEAPred mesecem
  • Didn't he get caught running cheats?

    HypnotickillerHypnotickillerPred mesecem
  • Tfue low-key sounds like Mark wahlberg

    IamtheproblemIamtheproblemPred mesecem
  • Your snipes are absolutely disgusting. You’re looking like Testy out here.

    Jordan RichJordan RichPred mesecem
  • The switch seat frag, is what I call 'The Tfue'

    darrienleithdarrienleithPred mesecem
  • What sniper is this

    Anthony OkemowAnthony OkemowPred mesecem
    • Kar98k

      Robert RamirezRobert RamirezPred mesecem
  • Shhhheeeeeeeesh ggs

    JJJJPred mesecem
  • His channel is dead without fortnite

    Go GoGo GoPred mesecem
    • Fortnite sucks even he thinks that

      Robert RamirezRobert RamirezPred mesecem
  • para ser tfue que calidad de mierda la del video

    AaCS 8AaCS 8Pred mesecem
  • He's good at every game...

    ShreyomRapsShreyomRapsPred mesecem
  • Tfue vs Jake Paul. Place your bets

    EdderwolfEdderwolfPred mesecem
  • I fucking love tfue he’s exceptionally one of best an hilarious

    Mike PoloMike PoloPred mesecem
  • 4:00 tfue shiZzzz

    alejo posadaalejo posadaPred mesecem
  • Hellooooo

    Gianlu 68Gianlu 68Pred mesecem
  • Play this game more dude

    BinnyPlaysBinnyPlaysPred mesecem
  • Hey remember that one time mrbeast just came to your house and gave 500$ per kill?

    Sadick ArauzSadick ArauzPred mesecem
  • 4:34 says my WiFi password

    SpookySpookyPred mesecem
  • I love you

    Minicraft KIDMinicraft KIDPred mesecem
  • “It’s just like their face exists and it just gets shot off” 😂😂💀

    It’s SadIt’s SadPred mesecem
  • Fucking Toxic Tfue Instead Of The Fortnite Days :|

    SwifterPG3DSwifterPG3DPred mesecem
  • Never stop the sarcastic comments please 💙😂

    Oliver PearceOliver PearcePred mesecem
  • Fucking goated

    j Dotj DotPred mesecem
  • في عرببببب

    عمر -omarعمر -omarPred mesecem

    fadeprimafadeprimaPred mesecem
  • Hey Can You Beat Mekhiz Gaming in a Sniper Battle?

    IM THE #AD MANIM THE #AD MANPred mesecem
  • I've been using the stoner on my loadout since cw season 1. I can assure you, NOBODY expects the power. They seem to just give up.

    CardsAtAnywhereCardsAtAnywherePred mesecem
  • Where did he land?

    peter gougospeter gougosPred mesecem